The WISE Health Model

To address social isolation and increase healthy behaviors among vulnerable populations, WISE Health takes a very strategic approach. The service model we have created is low cost, easy to adapt, integrates a collective community approach and is sustainable. It can be implemented in a variety of settings (i.e. sites that house and serve vulnerable populations, rural communities, homeless shelters and more). By strategically applying the following services below, your site can provide sustainable services to our most vulnerable populations.


Through our compassionate practices, WISE Health provides health navigation services for seniors and their families needing help navigating the medical system, we ensure they receive the best care and resources for their health situation. Health Navigators will accompany clients to the doctors, enroll them in necessary and exclusive health and wellness programs, accompany them to all activities, ensure their homes have the necessary medical supplies, coordinate and provide home visits from medical professionals and physical activity providers, connect them with a suitable caregiver, provide ongoing companionship, health education material and resources and provide them with the necessary support until the client is proven to be stable in their medical care and health activities.

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WISE Health has a documented record of developing health and wellness programming for senior centers and senior housing sites. Exemplary activities offered include: senior sexual health workshops, disaster preparedness, helpful aid devices, tobacco cessation, physical activity, healthy cooking classes and food demonstrations, free weekly health screenings, home visits, cancer detection and education and brown bag educational series. Our programs are tailored to meet the health and social needs of their participants or residents.


The companionship Program will involve regular visits and check-ins with isolated seniors who are socially isolated due to physical or emotional frailties. The primary purpose of their visit is to encourage independence and improve the quality of life of both the frail elder and the companion. The purpose of the volunteer is to ease loneliness and promote well-being.

Our program will be beneficial for an isolated senior for the following reasons:

  • It will provide them with an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with a peer who truly cares

  • Decreases isolation, loneliness, and sadness which often accompanies home-bound seniors

  • Feeling a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being

  • Increase independence and quality of life

  • Affirmation and assistance in maintaining the dignity and humanity often neglected in seniors

  • Assistance with non-medical home-care

  • Adopting the simple concept of companionship, which can literally save lives

  • Respite services for families

  • Increased awareness of services and local programs

  • Continuous engagement after the Health Navigators have discontinued services